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Sylvain Hogue entered into the carpentry and cabinet industry in 1992 after relocating from Canada to South Florida. His brother Christian Hogue brings over 20 years of knowledge and experience in commercial and residential architecture after graduating from a master’s degree in architecture in United-States. ByHogue combines the expertise of two seasoned professionals with complimenting skill sets to guarantee successfully implemented, expertly crafted, and aesthetically impressive work on both commercial and residential projects.


ByHogue offers clients a unique and creative experience whether a client is seeking to renovate or begin new construction. ByHogue possesses both the talent and the expertise to create a stylish and functional environment that exceeds expectations. Our team is skilled at assessing the needs and tastes of the client, while implementing successful project completion within a wide range of budgets.

Through a devotion to high-standards and competence, we ensure our customers are appraised of each step in the process, alleviating stress and anxiety, and promoting transparency in our approach to project development.

ByHogue approaches each project with a creativity, pragmatism, and an understanding of clients desires and needs. We recognize that all clients desire a space that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and inviting. This perspective allows us to develop and implement ideas that bring luxury to projects that are modest or extravagant meeting a wide range of client needs.

Our Process:

In our first meeting, we’ll meet at your place to meet and review what your project and how we’ll be working together.

In our second meeting we present a 3 dimensional rendering of the final renovation to review with the client. This allows us to provide a visual guide to what the final project will look like, and to evaluate any decisions that need to be made in order to ensure client satisfaction. The renderings also reflect accurate sizing and scalable dimensions that allow us to project potential issues in layout and sizing prior to moving into construction and development. This uniquely detailed imaging is our way of investing in the success of the project and differentiates us from more minimalistic approaches to project imaging. This way we, are clear and so are you!


The following step will be to review final design,

budget and timeline!

kitchen rendering.jpg

We use raw materials that meet the most stringent demands in the industry, and satisfy our customers' expectations of durability, aesthetics, and functionality.

Because we are convinced of the effectiveness of our purchasing process and because we have been fine-tuning it for over 30 years, we can offer our customers a lifetime warranty on hardware and a five-year warranty on the materials used to fabricate our products.

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